October 19-20, 2019

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16th edition of the traditional discgolf tournament Czech Open took place in one of the Prague’s park – Ladronka on the weekend on October 13-14. The tournament was attended by 90 players from 6 European countries (Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Netherlands and Finland) who competed in four categories – Open, Women, Master and Junior. Thanks to the beautiful weather and friendly atmosphere it was a great event.

We would like to thank to our partners, especially the city of Prague, DUDE, Ultimo.cz and Usedlost Ladronka for supporting the event.

Below you can find the tournament results, great pictures by Martin Drahos and the short video edit.



  1. Tomáš Redlich (CZE)
  2. Mariusz Kielczyk (POL)
  3. František Trenz (CZE)


  1. Zdenka Staňková (CZE)
  2. Martina Kalinová (CZE)
  3. Lucie Budilová (CZE)


  1. Jiří Brožek (CZE)
  2. Jani Karonen (FIN)
  3. Marek Šrom (CZE)


     1. Martin Štípek (CZE)
     2. – 3. Vojtěch Šváb (CZE)
     2. – 3. Vojtěch Šváb (CZE)


1st and 2nd round (Saturday)

3rd round + ceremony (Sunday)

Vzpomínka na jedny z posledních teplých dní tohoto roku - mrkněte na krátké video z ★ Czech Open 2018 ★ DiscGolf Tournament.K tomu se váže otázka dne - dáváte si přes zimu od discgolfu pauzu, nebo hrajete celý rok?Praha sportovníDUDE - Disc Golf ApparelUsedlost Ladronka

Zveřejnil(a) ULTIMO.cz dne Středa 24. říjen 2018


Tournament classification: PDGA C 


  • MPO (Open)
  • FPO (Women)
  • MP40 (Master – 40 years and older)
  • MJ18 (Juniors – 18 years and younger)

Capacity: 90 players

Wild cards: Info below ⇊

Format: 3 rounds without finals

Tournament Director: Martin Slížek

Contacts for the tournament team can be found below ⇊


Friday 12. 10.

12:00 – Course ready for training

Saturday 13. 10.

8:00 – Registration (player packages pickup )
9:00 – Players meeting
9:30 – First round
12:30 – Lunch break
14:00 – Round 2

Sunday 14. 10.

9:30 – Players meeting
10:00 – Round 3
13:30 – Award ceremony

The schedule is tentative and the organisers reserve the right to change it.


This year, players have two options. The first option is the entry fee with the players package from event’s partner DUDE Clothing. Its value easily exceeds the price of entry fee. The second option is a cheaper entry fee without a player package.


  • DUDE Cap (different types to choose from)
  • DUDE Bag
  • Thermo drink cover (for cans or bottles)
  • 3x Sticker DUDE
  • Package of Dried meat
  • Small refreshments before 1st and 3rd round
  • Water to refill your bottles

! Only 50 packages available ! (First comes, first takes – do not hesitate to register)

Price: 550 CZK / 22 EUR (Juniors: 500 CZK / 20 EUR)




  • Package of Dried meat
  • Small refreshments before 1st and 3rd round
  • Water to refill your bottles

Price: 350 CZK / 14 EUR
(Juniors: 300 CZK / 12 EUR)


For Czech Open we will have 30 wildcards in total.


25 wildcards will be reserved for foreign players. That way you can plan your trip to Prague in advance and make sure that you will get a spot in the tournament.

You can apply for a wildcard starting now by writing a request to [email protected] First come, first take basis. The deadline for WC requests is September 28, 20:00. This is also deadline for the registration fee payment if you want to confirm your wildcard.

If there are still some of these wildcards left after this deadline, they will be alloted to the first people on the waiting list, no matter the nationality.

For 5 remaining Wildcards there are not rules and it is purely up to tournament organizers who they will give it to. They will be alloted no later than one week before start of the tournament (October 5th).


STEP 1) 

Registration for the tournament will take place at the www.discgolfmetrix.com website. If you have not used this page before, create a new account  and then click on the button below or search for “Czech Open 2018” directly at the DGmetrix website. 

TIP: Create an account on Discgolfmetrix in advance so you don’t have to waste your time with that when the registration starts. Every second can matter 🙂


You will also need to choose the type of entry fee and possibly also make a reservation for Saturday lunch. You can do that by clicking on the button below. It will take you only a few moments.

Only by completing both of these steps your registration will be considered complete and valid.

Registration will start: 14. 9. at 20:00.

Registration will end: 12. 10. at 20:00

If you are registered for the tournament (even if you are on a waiting list), but in the end you cannot arrive, please sign out immediately at the registration site (Discgolfmetrix.com) or let us know by email: [email protected] Thanks!

By submitting the registration form, you give us consent to the acquisition and subsequent use of photos and audio/video recordings of your person or persons entrusted to you.


Pay the entry fee at the appropriate amount.

The entry fee needs to be paid until 9.10. (If you register the in last days, you need to send a confirmation of the payment made – in case of bank transfer). If the entry fee is not covered by this deadline, your spot in the tournamenet will be given to a player from the waiting list.

Note: Do not pay for the Saturday’s lunch now. You will pay for it at the spot in cash.

There are two payment options:

Bank transfer

IBAN: CZ27 2010 0000 0020 0104 3837
Account holder: Marie Voloczková, Liber 22, 252 41 Liber
Bank: Fio banka, a.s., V Celnici 1028/10, 11721  Praha 1


Send the relevant amount to [email protected]

Note: Make sure to include the name of the player(s) you are paying for in the payment note.


infoboard CZO final



Download the map and all the tee-signs joined into one PDF file.



As for accommodation, we do not have any special booking for the tournament. But there is plenty of options around Ladronka. Check out the map below and choose what suits you the best.

We also recommend checking AirBnb as there is many options for good prices. As for location, look for “Vypich” (or click this link).


When it comes to breakfast, you can expect a small snack (not a proper breakfast) on Saturday and Sunday in the morning. We recommend to have a proper breakfast at home/hotel or make a proper snack for the morning rounds. You know the drill :).

You can book a lunch for Saturday. This lunch will be served in the Usedlost Ladronka Restaurant which is located right next to the tournament center. The selection will be as follows:

Soup: Potato soup or creamy garlic soup – 35 CZK

Main Dish: Potato-sausage goulash (100 CZK) or Vegetable lasagne (120 CZK)

Lunch can be booked in the registration form above.

If you want to eat somewhere else or go shopping for a snack to the supermarket, check out the map below for the closest places to visit. 




Martin slížek

Martin slížek

tournament director

Godfather of Czech Open. Tournament director. Legend.

Pavel Voloczek

Pavel Voloczek

technical director

Czert takes care of the technical side of the tournament, graphics and layout design.

Jakub Koštel

Jakub Koštel

website, registration

Jakub takes care about the registration, website and answers all your questions.

Jakub Sýkora

Jakub Sýkora

pdga official

You can contact Syky if you have any questions about the rules, disputed situations, etc. But only during the tournament 🙂